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Politically exposed persons

Here you can read the definition relating to the term "politically exposed persons"

A) High public office or post abroad means:

  1. head of state, prime minister, minister or deputy minister,
  2. a member of a national assembly,
  3. a member of a higher court that adopts decisions that are appealable only in exceptional cases,
  4. a member of the board of an office of an auditor, court of auditors or central bank,
  5. an ambassador, chargé d'affaires or senior military officer,
  6. a member of the administrative, executive or controlling body of a state-owned enterprise,
  7. the holder of an office or position equivalent to those provided for in nos. 1 to 5 in an international organization.

B) Immediate family member means:

  1. spouse or partner enjoying the same rights as spouse under national legislation,
  2. child,
  3. spouse or partner of a child, or
  4. parent

C) A close associate means physical person known to:

  1. be beneficial owner or a legal entity or trust in association with a person as specified above in item A or B, or
  2. have close business association with the person as provided for above in item A og B, or
  3. be the sole beneficial owner of a legal entity or trust that reality has been established to benefit a person as provided for above in item A og B.